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Sell Your House Fast In St. Petersburg, Florida?

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket.

You’ll Get a Fair Cash Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay all Costs!

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Are you thinking, “I need to sell my house fast!”?

Yes, You Can Sell Your House Fast In St. Petersburg Florida For A Fair Cash Price

No matter how ugly it is, we buy houses in St. Petersburg, Florida!
No matter how ugly it is, we’ll buy your house in St. Petersburg, Florida! Well, maybe not this ugly.

Do You Need A Cash Offer Fast?

We’re cash home buyers in St. Petersburg, Florida who’ll make a fair offer because we buy houses in St. Petersburg fast and other parts of California!

Check out our process to sell your house fast in St. Petersburg. We’ll make a great offer for your house as-is… Even if it needs $100k in major repairs.

Plus, you’ll pay no closing costs and you can choose your closing date.

How Our Three-Step Home Buying Process Works

Step 1


Offer step 1 to sell my house quickly in St. Petersburg Florida

Contact us with your street address and our 5-Star team will take care of you

Step 2


Step 2 to sell my house incredibly fast in St. Petersburg Florida

We present you with a three no-obligation offers including a fair cash offer

Step 3


Step 3 to get a cash offer and sell my home quickly in St. Petersburg Florida

Get a fair cash offer now and DON’T deal with the 6 – 12 month hassle to sell your house fast

When We Buy Houses In St. Petersburg Fast, Our 5-Star Team Treats Home Sellers With Professionalism And Respect…

we buy houses in St. Petersburg, Florida
We buy houses in St. Petersburg fast!

We buy houses in most neighborhoods of St. Petersburg and our home buyer team will quickly give you a fast and fair cash offer plus at least two other offers.

We even make deals to buy homes for more than market value. We’re not kidding!

We’re a fast cash home buyer who can come to your house in St. Petersburg in as little as 30 minutes (or do it via video) and present you with a fair, all-cash offer on your property.

Stop the problems caused by your unwanted property. Our services are the solution because we buy homes in St. Petersburg, Florida for a fair price.

And we’re easy to work with as we help homeowners in all kinds of situations…

Divorce… Foreclosure… A family death… Job relocations… Mortgage upside down… Liens… A burdensome rental property…

Whatever property issues you’re facing, we want to make sure we can help! We’re a home buyer that can help and quickly make an offer.

We buy houses, even ugly ones, with fast cash offers in Florida… including St. Petersburg and surrounding areas and pay a fair cash price, fast.

Basically, through our three-step home buying process, if you have a property in St. Petersburg and need to quickly sell it, we have the experience and funds to make you a fair cash offer “as-is” with no closing costs. Plus, we’re super-easy to work with if you ever needed to sell your property.

We're St. Petersburg home buyers that make cash offers and we don't rush people when we buy homes.
We’re St. Petersburg home buyers that won’t rush you but you can sell your house fast anyway

You Can Sell Your Home Quickly…

You Can Wait Until You’re Ready To Sell…

Or We Can Negotiate A Deal Where You Get To Stay In Your Home After Closing…

Until You’re Ready To Move!

How would you like to get some cash in your pocket BEFORE you move?

Well, we have options where we can give you a cash deposit while you stay in your home as you prepare for your move. You won’t have to carry two mortgages.

So, schedule a time to chat about that headache you own, get a great offer, and sell your house fast.

At SunnyNest Homes We Buy Properties In St. Petersburg, Florida and Surrounding Areas!

(Actually, Anywhere In The U.S.)

At SunnyNest Homes we buy houses in St. Petersburg with cash offers.
At SunnyNest Homes we buy houses in St. Petersburg fast!

Here’s SunnyNest Homes’ Secret to Selling Your House Fast

When you contact us or submit the short home information form (below), we’ll give you a fair all-cash offer on your house as-is within 24 hours after we inspect it for validation purposes.

So, you avoid the hassles as you get a fair price. Plus, you sell your house fast.

Once again, it doesn’t matter if your house needs major repairs, a renovation, or even if there are squatter that you can’t get rid of…

We can take care of just about any problems you’re facing.

And, once again, if you need cash quickly, we can close in as little as 7 days because we’re a cash home buyer that doesn’t rely on traditional bank financing. (Check out this page on our website to learn about our process →)

We make it easy to sell your home quickly for a fair price…

What Do You Have To Lose? Get A Great Offer Right Now...

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You Don’t Have to Pay for Home Repairs Because We Make Fair Cash Offers For Houses In Any Condition.

Does your property need expensive repairs like…

we buy houses St. Petersburg even with fire damage
St. Petersburg, we buy houses even with fire damage
selling a house as is in Florida
that even need a new roof or if other repairs are needed
Or that need a new roof
selling a house in poor condition with a cracked foundation
Or that have a cracked foundation

You don’t need to do any repairs or renovations on the property because, St. Petersburg, we buy homes in any condition. We’ll make sure to fix all repairs.

Plus, You Won’t Have To Pay Any Realtor Fees Or Closing Costs!

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose By Getting An Offer From SunnyNest Homes To Sell Your House Fast In St. Petersburg

we buy houses for cash near me
We buy houses St. Petersburg!

Once again, we can buy your St. Petersburg home as-is in as little as 7 days within at a fair price.

While it’s impossible for Realtors to sell your home quickly like us, we can present you with an opportunity because we’re a cash buyer. (Sometimes selling a house through real estate agents is not the best choice.)

And when you go through our process as a home seller…

  1. You won’t waste time finding seller agents who will not sell your house fast because of escrow on the sale of your home.
  2. You won’t need to sign a contract that binds you to a listing agent for a six-months.
  3. You won’t deal with the hassle of posting listings on the MLS, property inspections and appraisals for every buyer, showings every weekend, and then praying your house will sell after all.
  4. You won’t have a closing date months in the future or pay any closing costs during the sale of your home.
  5. Unlike selling a property through a real estate agent (and paying agent commissions or fees)… we make cash offers now!

Look, that hassle can add stress and months to the process. Plus, in the end, after paying the agent’s expensive fees, you may or may not be ahead of the game.

Selling a house in poor condition is easy when you work with us
SunnyNest can help if you’re thinking, “My house will take a long time to fix and I need to sell my house fast.”

To Recap, Here’s How SunnyNest Homes, As Cash Home Buyers In St. Petersburg, Helps Property Owners…

No matter your home’s condition…
No matter what situation or time-frame you’re facing…

You will make your life less stressful by selling your house to us for a fast, fair, and fair price.

Sometimes, home sellers are too busy to do everything necessary to sell a house or they simply don’t want to deal with the situation any longer. They’re tired of the hassle of selling their property the traditional way…

If that describes you, call us today at (858) 289-6751 to get an offer with no Realtor commissions or fees!

What Do You Have To Lose? Get A Great Offer Right Now...

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your House In St. Petersburg To SunnyNest

sell your property fast in St. Petersburg CA
“I need to sell my house fast in St. Petersburg“

I need to sell my home as I am relocating from beautiful St. Petersburg. How can your business help me sell my house for cash?

First of all, we completely understand that relocation to another city or state can add a great deal of stress to selling a house.

Usually, people have to move because they got a new job, they’re retiring empty-nesters that don’t need a large house, or they just can’t afford their property in St. Petersburg. Do you have to unload your house fast for one of, or any other, those reasons?

And most home sellers can’t afford to buy another property in whatever city they’re moving to PLUS keep paying their mortgage on their first house.

So, that’s where a SunnyNest Homes’ cash offer comes in because we can give homeowners a cash offer plus several types of additional offers…

Of course, there’s always fast cash in as little as 7 days. Plus, our company has up to 9 real estate solutions to help you, such as:

  • If you want full value for your house, we can pay a significant amount of money upfront. So you can pay for your move and cover your mortgage for several months if you have to. Then, we’ll pay you every month until you actually get more money than if you sold your house through a real estate agent because of their commissions and fees.
  • “Seller financing” in which you’re essentially the bank. We’ll actually pay you more than your home is currently worth. Yes, you read that right… We’ll pay more for your house if you give us time to pay.
  • Lease options, where we’ll find a “tenant-buyer” who wants to buy a house but doesn’t have the credit score for a mortgage. We’ll help them as we help you. WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • Or about 5-6 additional creative financing options to fix your situation.

So, if you’re looking to sell your house fast while choosing the option that’s right for you, let us help.

sell a house incredibly fast St. Petersburg Florida
If you want to sell your home super quickly, let us help.

If there are repairs needed, shouldn’t you always fix your house before you sell?

Yes. You should.

But some people just don’t have the time or money to fix it up.

If your house needs repairs, a typical renovation on a 3 bed / 2 bath house takes 3-12 weeks.

And the typical renovation costs about 10% of the After Repair Value. With an average home price of $340,000 in the United States, you’d have to invest about $34,000.

But you can sell it to us as-is because we have investors that trust us to repair your house.

And remember that we have 7-8 other options for you where you can even get more than your house would be worth after it’s fixed up.

selling a house as is in St. Petersburg Florida
Houses are getting expensive in St. Petersburg Florida

I want to sell my home in St. Petersburg fast because I can’t afford it anymore but I’m being foreclosed on. Can you still help me?


Unlike Realtors or agents who won’t be able to help, we work with an expert that has a highly effective process to stop foreclosures quickly.

Then we can make a deal where we’ll help you get caught up on your mortgage payments and we’ll buy your house. We’ll deal with title issues, code violations, tax liens and more.

How awesome is that?

We pay cash for houses in St. Petersburg Florida
We pay cash for houses in St. Petersburg Florida even in poor condition like this

Can I really get a fast cash offer and sell my house fast in St. Petersburg in as little as 7 days?

Once again… Abso-freakin-lutely!

To begin, we know your time is valuable, you might be in a tough spot, and you want it to be over ASAP.

That’s why we promise to perform our inspections quickly, make our cash offer as fast as lightning, and get the deal completed like quicksilver… usually within 7 days of you choosing to do a deal with us.

companies that buy houses reviews

Why shouldn’t you choose a discount brokerage, real estate agent, or Realtor if you wish to sell your house quickly in St. Petersburg? Wouldn’t they get you the most money?

First of all, we think discount brokerages are the worst option because while real estate agents and Realtors have higher fees, they usually my you a lot more.

Agents average around 10% more than discount brokerages and Realtors average around 10% more than agents.

So, our opinion is that if you have the time and money to fix and sell your property, you should choose a Realtor. They’ll usually get you top dollar.

Plus, when you sell your house, you’ll pay 10% in closing costs. For an average $650K home in our hometown of San Diego that would be about $65K!

On top of that, remember that if your house needs repairs, that could be another $65K plus 3-12 weeks.

Then selling your house in St. Petersburg takes an average of 25 days but closing escrow could take up to 90 days.

So, selling your house via this route is a ton of work that can take up to 170 days.

Oh, and during that time, you’ll have to pay your mortgage payments which, if it’s equal to the market average in this example, would be up to $19,000!

Or worse… you could be on the hook for up to six payments on TWO houses at a cost of around $38,000!

After you do the math, via the traditional route your house could sell for $650K but you’d subtract

  • $65K for closing costs
  • $65K for renovations
  • And $38K for mortgage payments.

That leaves you with $482K… or 74% of the After Repair Value.

On the other hand, if you want cash and sell your house to us, we can pay you up to 70% in as little as 7 days.

Is a measly 4% worth all that time and aggravation?

That said, if you do choose the traditional route, hire a Realtor because they get the best results even though Realtor fees are twice as much.

But we find that most people who come to us would like to sell their house quickly to avoid pressure. Unlike typical house buyers, St. Petersburg, we buy properties in any condition.

We buy houses for cash near me in St. Petersburg, Florida. Contact us to get a no-obligation offer.
At SunnyNest Homes, we’ll treat you with respect and we won’t pressure you.

If I want to sell my house in St. Petersburg fast, why is your home buying company different than others?

Honestly, I don’t know how other companies that have posters all over town saying…

“St. Petersburg, WE’LL BUY YOUR HOUSES!”


… treat their customers. I’m sure some of them don’t take advantage of them during tough times.

But here are some things about our home buying company and team values:

  • Everyone at SunnyNest takes pride and sets expectations high when putting together deals that are a WIN-WIN.
  • Our team will give you a fair cash offer plus two other offers to buy your home in St. Petersburg fast.
  • Our team takes “No” for an answer when we make an offer to buy your home. If you say you’re not interested, we won’t hound you.
  • We’ll turn down a deal if it’s not in your best interest. There are so many properties that we don’t need to pressure you to sell your property fast in St. Petersburg Florida.

There are other qualities that make our team and selling process different but those answers give a pretty good idea of the ethics of our home buying company. So, get an offer today within 24 hours to sell your property with no obligation!

Call us today to get some free five-star advice and a fair offer with no-obligation and no-hassle if you need to sell quickly in St. Petersburg CA and throughout Florida. 🙂

What Do You Have To Lose? Get A Great Offer Right Now...

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We also have five-star customer service for other cities and states so we’ll buy your house just about with no commissions or fees but we’re especially interested in properties in the following areas:

California/Zip Code: Los Angeles, San Diego CA (as well as smaller cities like Chula Vista and National City), San Bernardino, Orange County, Riverside, Coronado, Fallbrook, Bakersfield, Ventura, Temecula, Fresno, and the rest of SoCal

North Carolina/Zip Code: Banner Elk 28604

Florida/Zip Code: Fort Myers 33908, Marco Island 34145, Palm Coast 32137, Bonita Springs 34135, Daytona Beach 32118, Naples 34112, Santa Rosa Beach 32459, Naples 34114, Estero 33928, Venice 34293, Fort Myers 33913, Cape Coral 33914, Kissimmee 34747, Venice 34285, Naples 34113, Cape Coral 33904, Englewood 34223, The Villages 32162, Gulf Shores 36542, Panama City 32408, Sarasota 34231

Texas/Zip Code: Plano Rockport 78382, Mission 78572, Corpus Christi 78418

Missouri/Zip Code: Branson 65616

Arizona/Zip: Sun City West 85375, Payson 85541, Show Low 85901, Surprise 85374

And the rest of the country if you want five-star service to sell your house fast, St. Petersburg!

Or Give Us A Call Now To Find Out About Selling Your St. Petersburg Florida Home : (813) 896-3381

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